Esmatullah Wardak

What things should I never do?

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  1. Overthinking and worrying:
  2. Overthinking creates problems that are not present in the first place.
  3. Worrying takes away today’s peace and potential but not tomorrow's troubles.
  4. Don’t let two things happen:
  5. Anyone define you.
  6. And never let your fears be the boundaries of your dreams.
  7. Respect boundaries:
  8. If someone ghosts you respect the dead and move on.
  9. Self-love>>>>Anything else.
  10. Staying in unhealthy relationships:
  11. Relationships work better when there’s clarity, and clarity leads to trust and trust leads to better bonding.
  12. A relationship is more about the will to be together than time spent.
  13. Trying to impress others:
  14. The only person you should be impressing is yourself before anyone else. Impressing yourself increases self-confidence.
  15. Do stings that scare you the most.
  16. Give up regretting and living in the past:
  17. When you live in the past you miss the beauty of today. Living in past affects your present and makes you worry about the future.
  18. Appreciate the things that didn’t work out because they just made room for the things that will.
  19. Stop comparing:
  20. Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 10.
  21. You are unique, and so are your goals, dreams, and journey.
  22. Trust that you are at the right place at the right time.
  23. Staying in your comfort zone:
  24. You grow outside your comfort zone. Remember who you want to be and what you are capable of.
  25. Try things that scare you the most.
  26. Caring what others think:
  27. Don’t bother if society disapproves; society is created by us, divided by us, and judged by us
  28. Everyone is busy with their own life struggles, so who’s busy thinking about you?
  29. Never follow someone blindly:
  30. Don’t believe everything you is online. Many people and businesses use psychological marketing strategies to influence your thought process in believing or buying something.
  31. Have your own beliefs and clear vision.

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Esmatullah Wardak

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