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What are the basic rules to enhance reading skill?

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You only need 4 simples rules to enhance your reading.

These rules come from various experts 

Stop finishing books

Entrepreneur Naval Ravikant says we feel guilty when we don’t finish books.

Don’t be.

The number of books you get to read in your lifetime is pretty small. Don’t waste your life on crappy books.

My motto is this: if I’ve read a few pages then I’ve got my money’s worth.

The start of a book is the best bit

So my rule is to focus on reading the start of a non-fiction book because that’s where the author will attempt to hook me and give me the gold.

The rest of a book is filler.

Think of book chapters as blog posts

Blog posts are easy to throw away or not finish.

That’s all a book is.

Go to the table of contents and read the chapters that appeal to you.

Do this instead of reading average books

Re-read the books you love. Every time you read a book you’ve loved before there will be a new lesson or detail you missed previously.

Good books that improve your life normally do so in multiple ways.


Most books will never change your life.

You can’t read a lot of books in your lifetime. So forgive yourself. Stop finishing books. Be ruthless.

If you get 1–2 pieces of information from a book that help you, then it has been worth it.

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