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How to attract more customers by understanding consumer behaviour?

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Attract more customers – When it comes to turning ordinary consumers into loyal customers, the sales secret is more about understanding consumer behavior and learning what your buyer expects from your business. Every successful business often has a large number of customers who buy their products or at least a large number of people are familiar with their services.

The main question is what should be done to increase this number? And our answer will be: “Turn to careful and tested research on consumer behavior.” We are all different, but in many cases, our brains are prone to the same reaction. Understanding these subtleties in the human mind can help your business find creative ways to get more buyers to say yes.

Understanding consumer behavior is how it is done

There are many causes for this issue, some of which we will examine in the following.

Analysis Paralysis and Consumer Behavior

We all know that small things make a big difference in writing. Interesting research on consumer behavior by Dr. Robert Sialdini, a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, examined the American Cancer Society’s donation process and how a 1-minute change would affect different outcomes.

This research also shows why it is important for us to focus on the reasons people say “no” rather than always being careful about why they say “yes”. Below are two phrases used to collect help requests from people in a city. The researchers tested the effect of minor changes in the phrase:

  • Do you want to help financially?
  • Do you want to help financially? Even one rial will help us.
  • Notice this subtle difference

This phrase may be subtle, but the result was very impressive. People who were asked for the second phrase helped almost twice as much – attract more customers. The researchers concluded that if the minimum parameters are set, people are more likely to take action.

People may ask themselves if they have enough money to donate and does their work makes a difference? When it becomes clear that “even one rial” can make a difference, make the second type of request more practical for people who want to donate.

Do not forget the power of internal labels – attract more customers

Research on consumer behavior has shown that people like to be labeled and given a title. A 2011 study examined the voting patterns of 133 adults to see if their labeling affected their participation in opinion polls.

After being routinely asked about their common voting pattern, half of the participants were told that they were likely to vote more because researchers believe they are more politically active. But this statement was not really true, because these people were chosen at random.

The other half of the participants were not told anything. They were asked to describe their voting pattern. Despite this random selection, the group that was said to be “politically active” had 15% more participation than the other group.

In other words, our brain will seek to maintain a sense of cohesion (even if it is artificial), which is why most of these techniques (such as foot-in-the-door) work very well, even in the ready mind. We enjoy being so steadfast that if we are told we are part of a group, we will be more receptive to its message, provided it is approved by us (like a responsible voter).

Important Note: People who are labeled “superior” consumers spend more, and people who are classified as “normal” are not affected by this practice.

Identify the three main types of buyers – attract more customers

No matter what industry you work in, consumer behavior research shows that there are three groups of buyers who can identify with the “pain points” they experience when buying something. Neuroscientists have defined human cost patterns as the process of “spending until they are hurt,” so understanding these different levels of pain points is essential to maximizing your potential sales:

  • Without contradiction (61%): average consumers
  • Consumption costs (15%): People who are able to spend more before they can afford it.
  • Stingy or strong (24%): People who spend less (on average) before reaching the maximum pain of their purchase.

So which type of buyer is more difficult to convert? It is natural that the third option. Since they make up about a quarter of your potential customers, you need to learn some smart techniques to reduce the pain of buying for “strong or stingy” customers. According to some notable studies, minimizing shopping pain for the third category (and everyone else) can be achieved by considering three simple strategies.

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Revaluation – attract more customers

If you see a product that costs 100,000 Tomans per year, you will definitely approach the purchase with a little caution, right? Because $ 100,000 is not a good priority for some people – attract more customers. It even seems to be a huge amount for conservative consumers. What if this product is only 84,000 Tomans per month instead? The problem is that 84,000 tomans per month are the same as 1,000 tomans per year.

While this form of conversion is effective for buyers of any kind, it will be very effective when targeting conservative spenders. If you offer something that has a duplicate cost or can be broken down into smaller numbers, be sure to research how you can use this information in your pricing model.

Reduce pain points by wrapping – attract more customers

Economist George Lewenstein points out that all consumers (especially conservative consumers) prefer to make their purchases in one go rather than buying multiple accessories separately.

He points to customers’ desire to update their shopping packages all at once but points out why it is difficult for the brain to justify any kind of update. These individual purchases also create individual pain points, while a package purchase creates only one pain point, even if the price is much higher.

Levenstein’s research shows why many consumers want to pay more for complete packages than product and accessory packaging. In their opinion, this issue is not only less troublesome but also reduces the pain of shopping.

Pay attention to the little things

We all know that the old adage “do not sweat for small things” does not apply to making an effective version. But how important change in this? One of the most interesting customer conversion metrics is a study by Carnegie Mellon University that shows the effect of a word on conversion rates.

The researchers changed the description of the overnight shipping cost for a free DVD from “$ 5” to “$ 5 small” and increased the response rate by 20%. Have you ever felt the word “small” so big? In a word, which increases the conversion rate by this amount, it is easy to say that there is an improvement in detail when making a version aimed at conservative consumers.

Highlight your strengths by acknowledging your weaknesses

According to research on consumer behavior by social psychologist Fiona Lee, acknowledging flaws is a great way to highlight your strengths at the same time. Lee’s study was conducted to measure the effect of acceptance on wrong steps and faults and the effect of these measures on stock prices. Experimenters read one of the company’s two fake reports. Both reports cite reasons for the company’s poor performance last year.

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The first report focused on strategic decisions

The second case emphasizes foreign events (e.g., economy, competition, etc.).

Individuals found the former much more desirable than the latter. Acknowledging shortcomings in areas such as strategic thinking showed that the company is still in control despite the error. After reviewing hundreds of these statements, Lee found that companies that admitted to making strategic mistakes had higher stock prices the following year.

Use urgency in the right way – attract more customers

Creating a sense of urgency in your version is one of the oldest tricks available and still one of the smartest. “Deficiency” is used as one of the six pillars of “customer influence” and their understanding, “notes Dr. Robert Sialdini. Of course, high demand leads to high sales.

The following research explains why urgency can go the other way, completely ruining you and ruining your exact sales copy. This is a classic study by Howard Lonthal, in which he analyzed the effects of distributing tetanus leaflets to individuals.

The process of this research was as follows:

Lontal conducted the study by distributing two different pamphlets. Both had no details about the terrible effects of tetanus on the body. In the first booklet, only the effects of tetanus are described. The second case contained information about the location of the vaccination.

Those in possession of the second booklet were much more likely to be vaccinated. The vaccination rate was almost 25% higher than the first group. He revealed that those who do not receive follow-up information tend to convince themselves that “I should not worry about this, because it does not happen to me anyway”.

Clear their minds immediately – attract more customers

Research has shown that instant gratification is such a powerful force that the ability to control it is a major indicator of success. From the customer’s point of view, you actually want to do the opposite – attract more customers. Your version should remind buyers of this advantage every time. When a potential customer is about to complete a purchase from your business, he or she is deeply affected by how he or she can get the satisfaction of being separated from his or her hard-earned money.

Several MRI studies, including one on nicotine addiction, have shown that our brains are very active when we wait for something. On the other hand, when we think about receiving something immediately, the middle part of our brain activates (and this is what we want to capture).

Select important words

Words like “instant”, “immediately” or even just “fast” can change midbrain activity and make us more likely to buy. In fact, in addition to the words “free” and “new”, “immediately” is one of the most compelling words you can apply to your version. If you do not sell digital goods, use words like “fast” instead.

Researchers have noted that the key to these words is that they allow us to solve our problems immediately. If we know that our problem will be solved immediately, any point of pain that we want to solve by buying something becomes much more deceptive.

Create a rival (or enemy)

attract more customers – In today’s business world, meaningful communication is all the more important to your success. In other words, networking is certainly important in relationships, but as mentioned, you still need an enemy. Why? When can this be a good thing? This seems to be a great way to find a group of active ambassadors for your brand.

In a highly controversial study entitled “Social Classification and Intergroup Behavior,” Henry Tajifel, a social psychologist, began his research to try to determine how human beings can commit collective hatred and discrimination. In these tests, people were asked to choose between two objects or people with whom they are related and unrelated.

They were later divided into groups based on their choices. Tajifel found that he could create groups of people who were loyal to their target group and completely discriminated against outsiders. Despite this seemingly trivial issue, when it came to awarding real rewards, subjects were more prejudiced than their peers.

The result of attract more customers speech

Consumer behavior analysis refers to the study of customers and how they behave when deciding to buy products that meet their needs. This study focuses on the performance of customers that leads them to buy and use specific products. As mentioned in this article, this helps us to understand what drives the customer to buy a product.

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