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Assuming you don’t have any prior knowledge, I suggest you to start with the basics of HTML and CSS.

Those are the essentials for a website layout.

Read a book or try to study on W3C website, choose the one that you are more comfortable with.

You have to build some(about 5) static web pages using HTML and CSS, you might want to build a homepage/about us page/contact us page. You can build those pages while you are studying.

When you finish this stage, and you feel you have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can start learning Javascript, again, you can study from a book or W3C website.

With Javascript you will know how to add functionality to your static pages you just built with HTML and CSS.

When you have a good knowledge of HTML + CSS + Javascript, you are at the half of the way for being a FED(front end developer).

Those are all the basics, but you still need to know to work with frameworks (every FED framework will use these 3 languages, at the beginning you need to study only those languages) .

So here are some very common FED frameworks, and I suggest you will study all top 3:

1.   Twitter Bootstrap - it’s a framework for building mobile responsive websites.

2.   jQuery - this one is not called a framework but rather a library (you shouldn’t care at that stage), you must know jQuery.

3.   At least one of the SPA frameworks - AngularJS/Ember/ReactJS/Aurelia. SPA is the trend now, SPA stands for Single Page Application, it is very important to know at least one of the frameworks (I will pick Angular for you).

After you have maximized your skills and you feel comfortable, start getting some experience. How? I suggest you to sign to a Freelancers website and start taking some jobs, with time you will become better and be on your way to get your first job as a FED.

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Esmatullah Wardak

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