Hamza Sharif

Do Your Best!

What does "doing your best" mean?

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We have always heard, "Do your best." from different people in our lives, whether it be parents, friends or family, doing our best has always been a motto we've heard throughout our lives.

But what does it really mean?

Doing your best means to live out every moment of your life to its fullest potential. And this potential exists every situation in your life.

Doing your best is not about meeting people's expectations or achievements. It isn't about success or failure. It is about putting all your energy into whatever you are experiencing currently in life.

And failing at something does not mean you didn't do your best, It was supposed to happen that way and it did.

The first time you come across a problem that's a bit difficult or the expectations are a bit high and you aren't exactly sure how to solve it, that's when you thought of doing your best at it.

That's your way of motivating yourself when things get difficult!

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Hamza Sharif


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