Zohra Sarwari

Acceptin Others - Learn The Key To Office Harmony

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In corporate America, diversity, tolerance and acceptance are hot topics. They are also difficult subjects for many. Too many people believe that accepting others means condoning beliefs or actions with which they disagree. Still, others may be insecure and threatened by ideas and personalities that are different from their own. However, accepting others as they are is critical to creating the type of work environment that ensures businesses can thrive. When there is constant conflict in an office setting, valuable time and energy are lost that could have been put to good use in improving sales and profitability.

Before you can create a culture of acceptance at your company, you need to convince your employees that accepting others isn’t just good for the business’s bottom line, it is good for them as well. The beauty of acceptance is that it opens new doors. Your employees need to understand that it isn’t about turning their backs on their beliefs or way of life. It’s about looking at the world through new eyes and with a new perspective. Maybe this new perspective will just reinforce their beliefs, but it is also could quite possibly change the way they view life.

Of course, this is one of the main reasons why some are so reluctant to accept others. No one likes to admit that they are wrong, and some are threatened by the thought that their way may not be the only way. There is a fear that by admitting others also have a valid viewpoint, we in some way diminish our own opinion. However, this is simply not true. The world is not made up of black and white, but rather many shades of gray.

In the workplace, acceptance is an important part of creating a team of employees who can work together productively and efficiently. When one employee is constantly frustrated with another worker – whether it be a result of that person’s ethnic background, working style or personality – it creates a friction that can bring the entire project to a halt.

For those to whom acceptance does not come easily, it can be taught. A variety of resources, speakers and seminars are devoted to cultivating acceptance within the office environment. A high-quality program will help employees bond while learning how to accept each others’ differences and respectfully disagree when necessary.

After an acceptance training program, both employees and supervisors will witness a transformation in their work environment. Conflict will be replaced with cooperation and problems with productivity.

Zohra Sarwari is one of the nation’s foremost Muslim women speakers. She has been featured at numerous seminars and conferences. Her talks combine humor with the real-world perspective of a Muslim living in America’s Midwest. A published author, Mrs. Sarwari has written extensively on the subjects of tolerance, diversity and the truth behind the Islamic religion. To learn more about Mrs. Sarwari and how she can help your office cultivate an environment of acceptance, visit www.muslimwomanspeaker.com

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Zohra Sarwari

Islamic scholar

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