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  • Course Introduction 00:58
  • Introduction to International Business 15:20
  • Multinational Enterprises 17:30
  • Mode of Entry 15:56
  • Culture 20:04
  • Barriers of Trade 14:34
  • Economic Integration 15:48
  • Subsidies 12:53
  • International Recruitment 13:28
  • Global Production 14:58
  • Strategic Alliances, Just in Time Inventory 09:28
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What is International Business?

Riaz Ahmad safi. Businessman

What is International Business?

Riaz Ahmad safi .Businessman

Good news!
For professional learners now you can learn INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS at Ulearna platforms.
This course is about INTERNATIONA BUSINESS. In this course, you can absorb so easily complete information International Business, Overview, Globalization, Foreign direct, Investment, Export, Import, Tariffs, Barriers to, Trade, Culture, Global, Recruitment.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know the definition of international business.
  • Comprehend how strategic management is related to intentional business.
  • Understand entrepreneurship is related to international business.
  • Understand how international business is defined as all business activities.

International business has many advantages for production or manufacturing companies. With local MARKET being saturated, many companies think of expansion via international business.  



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