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Course Introduction

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  • Course Intro 01:51

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  • Introduction to Training and Development 07:31
  • Importance of Training and Development 15:00
  • Need Assessment for Training and Development 10:29
  • How to Conduct Need Assessment 04:56
  • Forces Influencing Training and Development 09:45
  • Use of Technology in Training and Development 09:12
  • Training Evaluation and Conclusion 11:32
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Training and development in HRM

Riaz Ahmad safi. Businessman

Training and development in HRM

Riaz Ahmad safi .Businessman

Training and development in HRM

The course is about the training and employee development and human performance improvement in organizations; but that is not the whole story.

The field of training and development is changing. There is a need for trainers to reorient their thinking from the comfort and structure of the classroom to the more ambiguous consulting area. The gap is actually not nearly as wide as some might think.

Trainers have considerable expertise in job and task analysis, learning specialists, facilitators, communication experts, and professionals with a broad perspective of the human dimensions of human performance in organizations.


The training industry is undergoing a significant shift from training as “the solution to employee performance problems” to looking for cheaper, more effective alternatives to training.


In 1999, the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) began using the phrase “workplace learning and performance” (WLP) to describe the changing profession and replaced “training and development.” WLP is the new descriptor for the profession that is concerned with the improvement of the individual, group, and organizational performance. The significance of this shift is to “connect the dots” for organizational executives so they can see WLP professionals as the source of learning and performance solutions.


Executives will expect and more likely accept recommendations tied to performance solutions. Further, if you see yourself as a WLP professional you are more likely to think and act as a professional concerned about learning and performance, and add more value to your organization. In this class we will explore the theories and applications of adult learning, designing courses appropriate for different levels of employees respecting their specific needs and interests, mission, structure and purpose of the internal training function, development of internal consulting skills necessary to function effectively inside organizations, ROI of the training department, and performance based instruction and learning inside organizations.

What you'll learn

  • Training and Development
  • Importance of Training and Development
  • How to Conduct Need Assessment
  • Forces Influencing Training and Development
  • Use of Technology in Training and Development
  • Training Evaluation and Conclusion

Skills you'll gain

  • Business
  • Training
  • HR
  • Management

Who is this course for:

  • Human Resource
  • Managers
  • Advisors
  • Public Relations


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