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  • Course Introduction 02:53
  • Database Definition 08:06
  • Difference between MySQL & SQL 04:06
  • Database Models - Relational Model 10:06
  • MySQL Installation 11:19
  • MySQL Installation for Linux 02:15
  • MySQL Workflow 03:46
  • Creating Database 06:02
  • Data Definition Language 03:16
  • Data Type 16:14
  • Primary Key & Foreign Key 08:00
  • Adding and Removing Columns 11:01
  • Deleting Table 02:35
  • Truncating Table 07:17
  • Creating and Texting Database 05:59
  • Adding and Removing Primary Key 08:04
  • Composite Primary Key 08:04
  • Removing Composite Primary Key 02:35
  • Adding and Removing Foreign Key 12:51
  • Adding Constrain 04:00
  • Change Table Name 02:29
  • Change Column Name 04:28
  • Change Column Data Type 03:14
  • Insert Data into Table 08:15
  • Update Data within Table 05:59
  • Deleting Data from Table 04:15
  • Select Statement 03:50
  • Where Class 04:18
  • Null, In, Not In 05:53
  • Between 03:22
  • Like 06:20
  • Order By 04:28
  • Distinct 04:56
  • Limit 04:12
  • Alias 03:35
  • Join 06:18
  • Inner Join 05:13
  • Left Join 06:08
  • Right Join 10:35
  • Join Multi Tables 06:37
  • Normalization 02:17
  • First Normal Form 08:28
  • Second Normal Form 08:41
  • Third Normal Form 04:55
  • Relationship 01:37
  • Relationship One to One 02:27
  • Relationship One to Many 02:10
  • Relationship Many to Many 04:30
  • Constraint 02:02
  • Aggregate Function 02:04
  • Min, Max 03:30
  • Average 01:42
  • Count 01:57
  • Sum 02:13
  • Group By 03:24
  • Having 05:36
  • Subqueries 05:53
  • MySQL Functions 02:10
  • Concatenation 03:44
  • Upper, Lower 02:35
  • Date Function 07:09
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Learn SQL: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

Shirzai Hanifi. Web Developer

Learn SQL: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

Shirzai Hanifi .Web Developer

Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design


Welcome to the Complete MySQL For Beginners Course, The ultimate practical guide to SQL using MySQL and database design. This course will start from zero-level experience in SQL databases and will level up as we are going through the course. This course will guide you on how to install MySQL on a local machine step by step and even how to create your own cloud databases on the most required cloud services providers in the market...AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure. You will learn what is meant by concepts like DBaaS and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) After you learn the basic concepts of the MySQL and relational databases and how to install them on a machine and on the cloud, now it will be about time to dive deeper into the world of SQL databases and learn : How to create databases and schemas. How to create tables and views. Understand all the big concepts like DML, DDL, T-SQL, and DBaaS.

You will learn:

  • how to create users to access your database based on the specific permissions you gave them
  • How to create different constraints
  • Create primary keys
  • foreign keys, and composite keys
  • How to export and import a bulk of data in and out of your database
  • How to retrieve data from your database using select statements
  • How to filter data using where clause
  • How to use aggregate functions (Sum, Min, Max..etc)
  • Learn how to use group by and having with aggregate functions
  • How to use case statement
  • How to use keywords like between, in, distinct, and percent
  • Understand how to create subqueries
  • How to manipulate data using Insert, update, delete statements
  • How to use joins to link two tables or more together
  • How to design complex database relations
  • You will be designing a small human resources database from scratch, and we will also work with the  Sakila database

Give your CV a huge boost by mastering MySQL with the Complete MySQL for Beginners course, do not hesitate to join this class.



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