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Microsoft Outlook 365 - Master your Email

Fazal Rabi Haidar. Programmer

Microsoft Outlook 365 - Master your Email

Fazal Rabi Haidar .Programmer

What you'll learn

·         Learn to send or receive emails in Microsoft Outlook

·         Learn to create the appointments & schedule the meetings in Microsoft Outlook

·         Learn to create & use the contacts, contact groups & business cards in Outlook

·         Learn to create the tasks, notes & folders in Microsoft Outlook




Join this Course to learn Microsoft Outlook completely from scratch to advanced level.

I am Fazal Rabi Haidar your Microsoft Outlook instructor, so let me tell about Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook offers a very wide range of work area everywhere across the world because it is very easy to learn and have a wide scope in almost every education and business sectors

Microsoft Outlook is used in different kinds of office work. Microsoft Outlook is mainly used to send or receive emails. The best thing about Microsoft Outlook is that old emails can be seen anytime even without an internet connection. Also, Microsoft Outlook is used to create the appointments & schedule the meetings on the outlook calendar, create the contacts, business cards, or contact groups, creating or managing the different tasks, writing notes & creating the folder to organize the data. In short, Microsoft Outlook is a complete package for office work.

Skills you'll gain

  • Microsoft
  • Outlook
  • Email
  • Office
  • Master


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