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  • Course Introduction 01:10
  • Chapter 1st Introduction 00:43
  • Understanding HTML5 Structure 03:02
  • Markups, Elements, Tags and Attributes 01:09
  • 2nd Chapter Introduction 00:44
  • Headings and Paragraphs 15:01
  • Text Related other Tags 2nd Part 14:43
  • Text Related Tags 3rd Part 13:51
  • 3rd Chapter Introduction 00:44
  • Order List 05:13
  • UnOrder List 06:38
  • 4th Chapter Introduction 01:14
  • Links Between Other Websites 04:49
  • Links Between Pages 05:14
  • Email Links 03:52
  • 5th Chapter Introduction 00:49
  • Where to Place Images 03:20
  • Add or Insert Images 06:43
  • 6th Chapter Introduction 00:38
  • What is Table in HTML5 01:16
  • Create Tables and Add Data 09:26
  • Rows and Columns Spanning 07:13
  • Long Table in HTML5 05:19
  • 7th Chapter Introduction 00:55
  • What is Form and How to Create It? 10:02
  • Form 2nd Part 08:55
  • Form 3rd Part 06:31
  • Form Other Fields 11:19
  • 8th Chapter Introduction 00:36
  • DOCTYPE and Comments 05:17
  • ID, Class, Div and Span Tags 08:42
  • IFram and Meta Tags 06:59
  • 9th Chapter Introduction 00:22
  • Insert Video 05:03
  • Insert Audio 03:42
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Learn HTML - from basics to advanced

Khalid Danishyar. Web Developer

Learn HTML - from basics to advanced

Khalid Danishyar .Web Developer

Learn HTML - from basics to Advanced

Are you thinking of a building a website? Want to become a website developer but don't know where to start? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this course is for you. In this HTML5 course, you will learn all about HTML5, how to structure a website. I've taught you everything in this course that eventually you'll be able to build any kind of website using code. At the end of the course you are also be assigned a project that will help you further in your study.

What you'll learn

  • ويب سايټ جوړونې لمړی زده کړه
  • ايچ ټي ام ال څه شی ده
  • ايچ ټي ام ال پواسطه څه جوړيږي
  • ايچ ټي ام زده کړه د ويب سايټ جوړونې لپاره څومره اړينه ده
  • د ويب سايټ ټول ساختمان څنګه جوړيږي

Who is this course for:

  • هر هغه څوک چې غواړي ځان او نورو ته ويب سايټ جوړ کړي.
  • هغه کسان چې غواړي په راتلونکي کې له کوره کار وکړای شي
  • هغه کسان چې غواړي ويب سايټ په سم ډول زده کړي
  • هغه کسان چې فريلانسګ کول غواړي


  • د کمپيوتر لمړنۍ زده کړه
  • انټرنيټ سره بلدتيا


د دې کورس زده کړې لپاره بايد مخکې څه ياد ولرم؟
د دې کورس د پيل څخه دمخه بايد ته د کمپیوټر او انټرنيټ سره بلدتيا ولرئ تر څو وکولی شې په سمه توګه دا پروګرام پيل کړې
ایا د ويب سايټ جوړولو لپاره د دې کورس زده کړه ضروري ده؟
هو، ځکه چې د دې کورس په پای کې به تاسو وکولی شئ چې د ويب سايټ هر ډول ساختمان جوړ کړئ او بيا به وکولی شئ چې خپل ويب سايټ ته ډيزاين ورکړئ.


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