Course content 02h 17m

9 Videos | Watch Time: 46m

  • GIT 01:44
  • GIT Tool 01:28
  • Get Started with GIT 09:10
  • Git config & Staging 09:19
  • GIT Staging Environment 05:30
  • Git Commit 06:17
  • Git Help 06:17
  • GIT Branching 03:37
  • Emergency Branching 02:43

8 Videos | Watch Time: 46m

  • GIT Tools 03:07
  • Creatomg Github Account 05:10
  • Creating Repositories Github 05:00
  • Creating Repositories Github 05:00
  • Push to Github 03:25
  • Pull from Github 03:59
  • Github Flows 07:15
  • Github Pages 13:33
git contribute

1 Videos | Watch Time: 13m

  • GIT Contribute 13:06
Advance GIT

6 Videos | Watch Time: 27m

  • .gitignore 08:00
  • Git SSH Security 04:14
  • Add SSH Key to Github 04:02
  • GIT Undo & Revert 05:52
  • GIT Reset 02:14
  • GIT Amend 03:15
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Git and GitHub for Professionals

Shahghasi Adil. Full Stack Developer

Git and GitHub for Professionals

Shahghasi Adil .Full Stack Developer
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Abdulwakil zamani
Rated 5/5
The best for Intermediate
Rated 5/5
The best for Intermediate
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I highly recommend this course for individuals intending to learn Git and GitHub. Additionally, Dear Adil, it would be greatly beneficial if you could incorporate installation instructions for Linux and Mac. This enhancement would provide students with a comprehensive installation guide, eliminating the need to seek additional resources. Best regards, Abdul Wakil Zamani
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