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  • Course Introduction 02:52
  • What is Freelancing? 13:34
  • 10 Popular ways to make money online 10:38
  • How to create account on Fiverr? 06:00
  • How to create a seller account on Fiverr? 13:41
  • How to setup a seller profile on Fiverr? 04:47
  • How to create 1st effective Product Mockup Gig on Fiverr? 30:31
  • How to create 1st effective Product Mockup Gig on Fiverr? 11:13
  • How to create 3rd effective Logo Design Gig on Fiverr? 10:21
  • The process to make money on Fiverr for beginners? 06:25
  • Overall review on account 09:34
  • Messages Menu 14:37
  • Dashboard Menu 04:23
  • Orders Menu 03:28
  • Gigs Menu 07:24
  • Analytics menu 27:43
  • Promoted Gigs promote your Gigs & earn more 04:46
  • Earning Menu 06:01
  • Community, More & Setting menus 26:38
  • Top 5 tips to get your first order? 07:59
  • How to manage and complete the order successfully? 08:21
  • How to withdraw money from Fiverr to PayPal? 03:15
  • Top 10 tips to get more orders on Fiverr 08:35
  • Term of services 05:28
  • My last message to you 04:49
  • How to link your Master card with Fiverr 09:15
  • How to withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer Mastercard 10:33
  • How to withdraw money From Payoneer Mastercard on ATM 00:59
  • 10 Popular ways to make money online 04:12
  • What is Freelancing? 13:01
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How to become a freelancer - Earn money online

Khan Niazi. Digital Marketer

How to become a freelancer - Earn money online

Khan Niazi .Digital Marketer

How to become a freelancer - Earn money online

If you want to start Freelancing full-time or part-time and don’t know how to start, this course is absolutely for you.
In this course, we'll tackle everything, from setting up to get more exposure, so you'll be able to create a hugely successful Fiverr business from scratch or enhance an existing one. You can start freelancing, it totally depends upon your service and how much time you spend on this platform. As a beginner, we made some mistakes, so this course will help you avoid mistakes and be completely familiar with the Fiverr platform.
This course will help you so that you can easily understand the process on Fiverr when you got a new order and what will be the process when you deliver the project to your client, how they will approve your delivery and give you a 5-star review. If you are interested in learning efficiently so that you can understand how things work, enroll in my courses and start earning online from your home or office.


Skills you'll gain

  • Freelancing


What is freelancing?
Freelancing is a type of self-employment that allows knowledge workers to earn a living by selling their services on a contract or project basis. Instead of being employed by a company.
Can I freelance in Afghanistan?
Of course! Freelancing means that you can work from anywhere and at any time it doesn't matter who you are and from where you are.
Why do companies hire freelancers?
Companies tend to hire freelancers over regular employees when they need a specific skill or talent on their team.
How do we freelance from home?
Anyone can start freelancing from home as long as they have skills that are in demand.
Can we get intentional master card in Afghanistan or is it necessary for freelance?
Of course, you can get an international master card in Afghanistan and it is necessary for your earning withdrawal and also, you can use it personally or purchase anything anywhere.
Can students freelance?
Absolutely! You can start freelancing at any time. Going into freelance while studying is an excellent way to earn a side income as well as develop marketable skills that might help your future career.
Can we freelance while employed?
Yes! You can start freelancing while studying or working full-time. Many freelancers choose that option to avoid financial strains, or in order to build up their portfolio and client base and being your own boss.
Which freelancing site is best for beginners?
The top 4 freelance platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and but it is recommended to join more than one to widen your opportunities.
What skills should we learn for freelancing?
If you are considering going freelance it’s most likely that you have a clear set of skills already, but the most in-demand skills include web development, design skills, and copywriting.
How much tax does a freelancer have to pay?
Your tax rate will depend on the amount of taxable business income and the country you operate in. It’s best to budget for tax returns by setting aside 20-30% of everything you earn as a freelancer as a general rule.
فری لانسینګ څه شی دی؟
فری لانسینګ کول پدې معنی چې تاسو د خپل شته ههارتونو او وړتیاوو په انلان بڼه پلورل او په مقابل کې یې پيسې لاسته راوړي
آیا زه په افغانستان کې فری لانسینګ کولی شم؟
البته! فری لانسینګ کول پدې معنی دي چې تاسو د هر ځای څخه او هر وخت کولی شئ کار وکړئ، مهمه نده چې تاسو څوک یاست او له کوم ځای څخه یاست
ولې شرکتونه فری لانسر ګماری؟
شرکتونه د منظمو کارمندانو په پرتله فری لانسر کونکي ګماري کله چې دوی په خپل ټیم کې ځانګړي مهارت یا وړتیا ته اړتیا ولري
آیا موږ کولی شو په افغانستان کې نړیوال ماسټر کارت ترلاسه کړو یا دا د فری لانسینګ لپاره اړین دی؟
البته ، تاسو کولی شئ په افغانستان کې نړیوال ماسټر کارت ترلاسه کړئ او دا ستاسو د عاید ایستلو لپاره هم اړین دی او هم ، تاسو کولی شئ دا په شخصي توګه وکاروئ هرچیرې وکاروی
آیا زده کونکي کولی شي فری لانسینګ وکړی؟
بالکل! تاسو کولی شئ هر وخت فری لانسینګ پیل کړئ. د مطالعې پرمهال فری لانسینګ ته تلل د عاید ترلاسه کولو لپاره غوره لاره ده او همدارنګه د بازار موندنی مهارتونو ته مو وده ورکوی چې ممکن ستاسو راتلونکي کی درسره مرسته وکړي
آیا موږ د دندې ترڅنګ فری لانسینګ کولی شو؟
هو! تاسو کولی شئ فری لانسینګ پیل کړئ پداسې حال کې چې د بشپړ وخت مطالعه یا کار کوئ. ډیری فری لانسرد مالي فشارونو مخنیوي لپاره دا لاره غوره کوي


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