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  • Introduction to Statistics Chapter 1 Lecture 1 22:20
  • General Concepts in Statistics Chapter 1 Lecture 2 11:58
  • Summation Notation Chapter 1 Lecture 3 12:01
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What is descriptive statistics?

Rahmatullah Pashtoon. Assistant Professor

What is descriptive statistics?

Rahmatullah Pashtoon .Assistant Professor

What is descriptive statistics?

Statistics is the art of using data to make numerical conjectures about problems. Descriptive statistics is the art of summarizing data. Topics include histograms, the average, the standard deviation, the normal curve, correlation. Much statistical reasoning depends on the theory of probability. Topics include chance models, expected value, standard error, probability histograms, convergence to the normal curve. Statistical inference is the art of making valid generalizations from samples. Topics include: estimation, measurement error, tests of statistical significance

Skills you'll gain

  • Maths
  • statistics
  • data



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