Course content 01h 46m
Course Introduction

1 Videos | Watch Time: 00m

  • A Complete Guide for New Muslims Introduction 00:46
Rational of Islam

3 Videos | Watch Time: 20m

  • Making a positive case for Islam 07:02
  • Oneness of God and message of Phrophets 02:51
  • Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) Miracle of Splitting the Moon 10:19
Getting Started

5 Videos | Watch Time: 14m

  • Welcome to Islam! 00:53
  • As a Muslim - Where to start? 02:26
  • Journey as a new Muslim and what to expect? 02:51
  • Book recommendation by Sheikh Uthman Bin Farooq 04:49
  • The issue of marriage for new Muslims 03:02
How to Pray - step by step

7 Videos | Watch Time: 49m

  • How to take ablution step by step 11:20
  • How to perform Prayer step by step Lesson-One 01:48
  • How to perform Prayer step by step Lesson-Two 10:01
  • How to perform Prayer step by step Lesson-Three 05:52
  • How to perform Prayer step by step Lesson-Four 08:26
  • How to perform Prayer step by step Lesson-Five 10:13
  • Conclusion of Performing Prayer 02:04
New Muslim Challenges

8 Videos | Watch Time: 18m

  • New Muslim challenges and how to overcome them 04:21
  • How to deal with doubts 00:58
  • How to be firm and steadfast in Islam 03:45
  • How and when to tell your family that you are Muslim? 01:42
  • Challenges with work and environment 02:11
  • Do I need to change my name as a new Muslim 01:32
  • How can I leave my bad habits 01:42
  • Confused on which Madhab to Follow 02:46
Call for Action

2 Videos | Watch Time: 02m

  • Course Project and Resources 00:59
  • One last piece of advice 01:25
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Complete Guide to the new Muslim - Free Course

Sheikh Uthman ibn Farooq. Islamic Scholar & international Public speaker

Complete Guide to the new Muslim - Free Course

Sheikh Uthman ibn Farooq .Islamic Scholar & international Public speaker

General Description

Studying Islam cannot be all covered in just one course, for more information we have provided some PDF file which should be studied after or during this course to enhance you knowledge about Islam.

For studying the book of Riyad-us-Saliheen, Click Here


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