Course content 09h 55m
Course Intro

1 Videos | Watch Time: 01m

  • Course Intro 01:24
What is Language?

5 Videos | Watch Time: 54m

  • What is Language? 13:19
  • Programming Language Types 10:55
  • What is High Level Language? 09:15
  • High Level Language and Low Level Language 05:26
  • Program Types 15:25
History of C++

3 Videos | Watch Time: 26m

  • What do we use C++ for? 08:10
  • C++ History 10:17
  • Why do we use C++? 08:17
What is IDE?

1 Videos | Watch Time: 04m

  • What is IDE? 04:21
Starting with C++

7 Videos | Watch Time: 01h 31m

  • Basic Syntax or Structure of C++ 12:57
  • Practical Work & Identifiers 14:11
  • Variable 14:53
  • Name spacing 08:20
  • Comment 11:51
  • Input and Output 16:03
  • Escape Sequence 13:33
Data Type

2 Videos | Watch Time: 52m

  • Data Type Lesson 1 27:15
  • Data Type lesson 2 24:55

9 Videos | Watch Time: 01h 28m

  • Increment and Decrement Operators 11:38
  • Conditional Operators 09:35
  • Operator Precedence 15:41
  • What is Operator? 10:33
  • Types of Operators 11:51
  • Relational Operators 07:23
  • Logical Operators 11:56
  • Assignment Operators 05:30
  • Compound Assignment Operators 04:09
Conditional Structures

12 Videos | Watch Time: 02h 23m

  • Conditional Structure or Control Structure 16:52
  • Decision Making 05:04
  • IF Condition 15:19
  • IF Else Statement Lesson 1 11:44
  • IF Else Statement Lesson 2 05:19
  • IF Else IF Statement 21:42
  • Nested IF 08:28
  • Switch Statement 19:13
  • For Loop Lesson 1 16:32
  • For Loop Lesson 2 08:55
  • Do While Loop 08:44
  • Control Statements 05:55

3 Videos | Watch Time: 53m

  • Array Lesson 1 24:21
  • Two Dimensional Array 14:53
  • Initialization and Declaration of Array 14:26

1 Videos | Watch Time: 10m

  • Structure 10:45

1 Videos | Watch Time: 15m

  • Pointer Variable Declaration 15:17

5 Videos | Watch Time: 52m

  • What is Function? 09:03
  • User-Define Function Declaration Lesson 1 12:07
  • Types of Function 10:24
  • User-Define Function Declaration Lesson 2 06:12
  • Function Overloading 15:02
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C++ Programming Language Course - Build Programming Base

Fazal Rabi Haidar. Programmer

C++ Programming Language Course - Build Programming Base

Fazal Rabi Haidar .Programmer

Welcome to the C++! A course designed to teach you cutting edge modern C++ from the absolute beginning all the way to very advanced topics, the topics you need in areas where C++ is used massively in modern times. C++ is the programming language even other programming languages and technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Java, JavaScript and many more are written in.


Course Content:

  • What is C++?

  • History of C++

  • What is C++ used for?

  • Why to use C++?

  • What is IDE?

  • Starting with C++ coding

  • Data Types

  • Operators

  • Array

  • Structure

  • Function

and more...


By the time you're done with the course, you will be ready to use modern C++ with standards,  but you will also have the tools necessary to read, understand and work with older C++ code bases with C++98 and below out there, making your  C++ skills valuable across a wide range of areas regardless of the C++ standard in use.

The course was designed with complete beginners in mind. So if you have never programmed a computer before, don't worry, I will be with you every step of the way, showing you around, teaching you the tools, constructs and mechanisms necessary to build real C++ projects.

Existing C++ developers or experienced developers from other programming languages will also get a lot of value from the course as we cover advanced topics not covered in other online courses and books as far as I can tell. These include things like building  your own iterators, callback functions and many more.

Now C++ is a very powerful language used by big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, NASA, and many more across a wide range  of products and I can talk about it all day. I am privileged to have been using it in my daily work for the last decade and I am  excited to share my accumulated knowledge with you in this course.

If you are serious about learning and mastering cutting edge modern C++, then this course is designed with the skill, the patience and the depth needed to get there as efficiently as possible. Please check some of the preview lectures, and lets get you started with modern C++ development.

What you'll learn

  • Concept of Programming
  • Become an Expert Programmer

Skills you'll gain

  • C++
  • Programming
  • Language
  • Coding
  • Software Development


  • NL


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