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  • معرفی کورس 01:49
  • مدیریت منابع بشری چی است؟ 20:18
  • چرا مدیریت منابع بشری در یک سازمان مهم است؟ 23:32
  • Functions of HRM 30:03
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Become HR Manager & Learn HR Management

Zekria Kishan. HR and Finance

Become HR Manager & Learn HR Management

Zekria Kishan .HR and Finance

University Students and employees, interested in learning about the function or need to establish a more robust HR department, this course will give you the overview necessary to meet your goal. It provides an introduction to the HR profession. Each topic serves as a building block for a holistic understanding of Human Resource Management. The course is constructed to help the student and employees to develop their knowledge and experience. Subscribers will learn about the Roles, Responsibilities, Functions, and Importance of HR Management including a historical overview, key processes of an HR Professional, and current trends affecting the evolution of HR practices.

Who this course is for:
This course is designed for those who are new to Human Resources or would like to establish an HR department. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Skills you'll gain

  • management
  • HRM
  • Leadership


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