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Title of event: Ulearna's Advance Tech Training Program

Facilitator: Ulearna

Timings: 2 Hours a day, 3 Days a week (Morning & Evening Shifts)

Batch Size: 100

Training Duration: 6 Months (15.Jan.2023 to Jul.15.2023)

Training Location: Taimani 8 Street, Kabul, Afghanistan.

You must fill out all the required fields in this trainee pre-assessment form. Please answer all questions accurately and with details. This information will help us make a better decision, and decide whether or not this training is feasible for you.

The training topics include UX/UI, Front-end web development, Digital marketing, Graphic Design and Accounting. You will be able to complete the selected program within six months. Upon completion of training you will be proficient in skills and knowledge in all relevant fields. You will have the capability to work in national and international organizations whether in the context of freelance or employment. Please keep in mind that you are limited to a single training topic.

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